1. Which of these is the name of a genuine heritage potato?
    a) Mr Little’s Yetholm Gypsy; b) Queen Victoria Red; c) Bonny Blithe

  2. Who were the first to cultivate potatoes?
    a) Argentinians; b) Irish; c) Inca Indians

  3. In 1995, what happened to the potato?
    a) it won the World’s most popular veg title b) It went to Space; c) It was granted Protected Food Status

  4. What is Colcannon?
    a) a potato cake made with bacon; b) mashed potato, onions, cabbage, butter; c) fried potatoes and leeks

  5. Where does Rosti come from?
    a) South Africa; b) Switzerland; c) Italy

  6. How many different varieties of potato are there?
    a) 700; b) 2600; c) 4000

  7. What in folk medicine, does carrying a potato in your pocket help prevent?
    a) a cold; b) a headache; c) a toothache

  8. Which nation eats the most potatoes on average per citizen?
    a) Australia; b) Russia; c) UK