1. Swallows head south at this time of year. Do you know which continent many British swallows migrate to?

  2. This tree has red/orange autumn berries and is also known as mountain ash. Do you know its other name?

  3. Short eared owls are a wonderful site hunting over rough grassland. Do you know what they eat?

  4. Blackberries grow on plants with thorny, scrambling stems. Do you know the name of this plant?

  5. Male roe deer lose their antlers each autumn and grow new ones. Do you know what the covering on the new antlers is called?

  6. This hedgerow plant has catkins in spring and nuts in autumn. It’s also a girls name!

  7. Autumn is a good time for viewing the night skies  when it’s clear. Do you know the name of the earth’s own galaxy—a shimmering band of stars?

  8. You might still spot the Manchester Treble Bar in September, but do you know what kind of creature it is? 

  9. The equinox is when day and night are equal in length. Do you know the date of the autumn equinox?

  10. Leaves can turn fantastic colours in autumn but do you know what chemical gives them their green colour?

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