1. Which of these is not the name of a type of Dahlia?
    a) Bishop of Wells b) Bishop of LLandaff; c) Bishop of Truro

  2. Bedding dahlias are often grown from seed.  
    a) True b) False

  3. Dahlias like:
    a) a shady position b) a sunny position c) neither

  4. Dahlia growers for exhibition pinch out all other buds leaving only one to flower on each stem ?
    a) True ; b) False; 

  5. Are Dahlia tubers edible?
    a) Yes; b) No

  6. How many different cultivars of dahlia are there?
    a) 150; b) 5000; c) 20000

  7. Dahlias are popular at weddings for what reason?
    a) scent; b) colour; c) symbolise commitment and honesty

  8. Which two colours do not exist in the world of dahlias?
    a) green; b) black; c) blue