Coffee Time Quiz


1. What is the popular name for the flowering houseplant Impatiens Walleriana? 

2. What would a gardener do with a dibber or dibble? 

3. Charles Darwin described this carnivorous plant as the most wonderful plant in the world! What is the name of this plant? 

4. The love apple is the original name for what? 

5. The Death Cap is the most poisonous variety of what? 

6.  What is the popular name for the Antirrhinum?

7. A Kumquat is a small Japanese variety of what sort of fruit? 

8. What is another name for the Rowan Tree?

9. Harry Wheatcroft was a renowned breeder of what? 

10. What is the name of the 3 leafed clover associated with St Patrick's day?

11. Which part of a tree can be used to make cork? 

12. What is the largest and tallest tree in the world? 

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