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Plant of the Month
  • This is another lovely plant for late autumn/Winter interest in the garden and very useful for winter decorations.

  • Tips for UK Gardeners- How to Grow and Care for Hollies 

    Even though this gorgeous evergreen shrub offers year-round interest, it is not overly demanding. Most Hollies are fully hardy in the United Kingdom, and will not need any additional sheltering during cold winters. Choose a spot in full sun for optimal results, and well-drained, loamy soil. 

    When it comes to pruning Hollies, a lot will depend on the specific cultivar you have. For instance, Japanese Holly, especially those trained as topiary or cloud trees, do well with the occasional trimming and shaping. On the other hand, standard bushy Hollies need thinning from time to time – removing straggly, congested shoots will prevent disease and make for a prettier plant. Overall, caring for Ilex varieties is not complicated or time-consuming.